I think that pretty much sums up what I think of you CANCER. You are, and always have been, an unwelcome visitor in my life. And yet again, you have reared your ugly head.

I was very clear 4 ½ years ago when you invaded my Mother's life. The many nights sitting in church, praying that you would just go away and leave my family alone. It has been a very difficult time dealing with that eventual loss of such a wonderful women. There is not a day goes by when I don't think of her and the special times we had together. My children do not have their Nana because of you. My father is a widow because of you. Could you please just go away and leave us alone.

And now, you have decided to attack a very close family friend. I mean my god; this person is only in their early 20's! Have you no mercy!!

Wiping away tears...

CANCER, you made this person very sick a couple of years ago and decided to let them live a little longer. They has done nothing to you, so why come back and ruin such a wonderful family's lives. They have been nothing but supportive of their child and only hoped for them to get better. Again CANCER, you suck!!

THEY may never experience the joys of marriage. THEY may never experience the joys of real love in becoming a parent, that very special moment when you see your child for the very first time. THEY may never play ball or go to the park with their own children because you have decided to take them away, far to early on in their young life. I beg of you, NO MORE!!

Wiping away tears...

Then I wake up this morning to find out you have chosen to piss off another of my friends. Have you no shame? Go away and don't come back!!

She is a young, vibrant, loving, exciting and intelligent woman with everything to live for. You on the other hand have other ideas after inflicting her with breast cancer. I am pleading with you to go away quietly and to leave those in my family and circle of friends alone. They are all very wonderful people who don't deserve your visits.

I can only hope that the research being done to kick your sorry ass to the curb is successful in the near future, so that I do not have to deal with further heartache.

The Canadian Cancer Society once again will be conducting the Relay For Life to raise funds for research. At this point, I am so upset with you CANCER; I may have to run the Relay For Life just to get rid of some of the inner angst that you so kindly provided me with.

I have always prided myself on being a loving, caring person, full of hope and wonder for all who surround me. I wish only the best for others and pray that none have to meet with you face to face because CANCER, YOU SUCK!!!


Team WonderMoms Relay for Life