What I Think About My Mom

What I think about my Mom

I think of my Mom as a hard working, caring, and loving Mother. My Mom is a great Mom and she is the best at doing her job and she can also manage juggling things like being a business women, a wife, and a mother of four amazing girls with totally different personalities, I think of my Mom as a caring and loving Mother because she takes the time to help us get ready for school, takes the time to feed us , to make sure that we get dressed for the appropriate weather, and she also makes sure that we look nice and clean and how to keep us nice and clean. I think of my Mom as a great business woman because even though it doesn't look like she's working she really is with emailing, creating content for her site, blogging, conference calls, meetings, hosting contests and advertising she makes a great business woman. My Mom tries to get us involved in her work life as often as possible. My sisters and I have gotten to meet some really great people.

I have learned from my Mom that with a lot of hard work anything is possible. Spending part of the day with her today made me realize that I would like to follow in her footsteps someday. I think that I would make a great business woman.

Written by The Wonder Kid

November 7th 2012