My Health Reference


Every day we are inundated in the media about the ever-increasing costs related to our health care in this country. Its about time somebody developed a system or program whereby Canadians can access some useful and friendly information about their options in regards to the health of their family.

Well, wait no longer, it has finally arrived...

Our friends at TELUS Health Solutions, yes TELUS, have gotten involved in a new program called,  myhealthreference.com. An innovative site and program designed with the Canadian public in mind to not only assist you in making informed health decisions, but also to aide in ruling out wasted and unnecessary visits to your physician. This is not however, designed to avoid visits to the doctor's office, merely a way to free up overcrowding and wasteful spending in the health care business. I, for one am so onboard with this program. I will support anything moving forward that will help in this regard.

It reminds me of a story about wasteful spending. A friend had just had extensive dental surgery with some not so good side effects. Long story short, she was rushed to hospital with a severe infection in her mouth, poison being swallowed every time she swallowed her saliva, thereby making her sicker by the minute. As she was sitting in the ER waiting room and questioning whether or not she should be there, she overheard a girl sitting in the chairs across from her tell her friend that the reason she was there is because the system is designed to make it easy to be taken advantage of. She was there for a mild case of "pink eye." Free medication and coverage is however, given in the hospital ER. What a waste! Incidentally, my friend was admitted immediately and kept in for 5 days to clear up this infection in her body caused by just a routine dental surgery.

Knowing the potential benefits that the, "My Health Reference" program can bring to the table, is rather refreshing as it is intent on making things easier for us, but also a little bit more accountable to the system. Bravo TELUS!

The website offers Canadians information including stats, resources, experts, information as well as Canadian specific references. It is a great precursor for a doctor's visit. It covers topics that are relevant to our everyday life, as well as the things that we need to know for the annual trip to the sunny destinations. For example, travel vaccines, information on visiting travel clinics, immunizations and things we should be aware of when travelling outside of our comfort zone.

Family planning and health is also discussed in detail, such as contraception, physical fitness for families and also teen health. Maybe your teen doesn't feel comfortable asking a certain question, this however, is designed to ease the pressure.

General wellness, diabetes, flu and cold, depression and cancer are also discussed.

The list is literally endless!

The section called, "Check Your Symptoms" is very interactive, it allows you to find topics related to how you are feeling and the symptoms you are displaying. Pretty cool.

I especially like the section on fitness, good eating habits and naturopathic medicine. For the past 4 months, I have been on a fitness and health kick with some very astounding results. This is right up my alley, as it pertains directly to me, and what I am trying to do for my own health and wellness.

I encourage everyone to take a look, as there is something in it for all of us. Simply visit the website: http://bit.ly/myhealthreference or link with them on Facebook at: http://on.fb.me/myhealthreferenceFB





This blog was sponsored by our friends at TELUS.