Information for Parents

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The journey of becoming a parent can be a rollercoaster of exciting challenges and emotions. Thankfully, we're blessed to live in an online world where help is but a blog, tweet, or web-post away.

That's how A Parent is Born Tipsheet concept came about - why go through this alone, when we ask veteran moms directly for some of their best tips?

In our minds, this isn't just a series of tips; it's a community initiative created by you, for you. Thank you to all of the online moms who helped to create these tipsheets! We hope you enjoy the content and that you'll pass it along to another soon-to-be-born parent.


Provides in home private breastfeeding education and
support to moms and their babies in the Halton, Peel and Hamilton regions.
Deciding to breastfeed is one of the most important decisions you’ll make as a parent.
This decision will not only impact your child’s health today but for a lifetime.
You’ll never regret your decision to breastfeed your baby, but you may regret not getting the help and support you needed in order to meet your breastfeeding goals.


The Region of Halton offers Child Care Subsidy, or financial assistance with the cost of child care, to Halton families who are working, attending school, or looking for work. At this time, there are fee subsidies available to support families in financial need. In order to determine if you are eligible for help with the cost of child care, call Coordinated Intervention Services at 905-825-6000, and ask for Intake for Child Care Subsidy for more information or to apply. You may then be offered the option to go onto the waiting list. Please note, eligibility for financial assistance is based on your family's income.Families may choose to place their child in licensed child care in the Region of Halton. Special child care options are available for teen parents. If you need additional assistance with daily living costs, contact Ontario Works at 905-825-6000. If you are wondering whether your child is old enough to stay home alone, check out Home Safety/ Home Alone at our www.halton.ca and type Home Alone in the search box. Call the Halton Child Care Directory and Information Line for child care options close to your home or preferred location. Call: 905-875-0235, or email childcaresearch@thrc.ca. or visit www.thrc.ca.