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Recipes, reviews and all things delicious. An interactive magazine for people who cook, eat and dine out.


Eat In Eat Out (EIEO) brings together all foodies: home-cooks, bloggers, chefs, Home Economists and Dietitians. All in one beautifully photographed, interactive, easy-to-read magazine.
The beauty of EIEO is that it is truly digital; the comfortable editorial format found in most print magazines while adding the interactive and engaging experience of embedded links, audio, videos, recipe searchability, archived back issues and contests. The fall issue is also tablet, mobile and iPad friendly, so it can be a great read while on-the-go!

The Fall issue of EIEO is dedicated to all things FAMILY, keeping kids healthy while making meals fast and easy. It's our biggest issue ever at a whopping 104 pages! Check out a tasty story from celebrity chef Massimo Capra as well as cookbook author Yvonne Tremblay. Family-focused recipe features include: Take it Slow - tantalizing slow cooker recipes from Chicken Farmers of Canada and Hamilton Beach; Weeknight Meals - quick, nutritious 30-minute meals from Turkey Farmers of Canada and Cookin' Green; Interviews with nutrition bloggers: Gloria Tsang of Health Castle and Kia & Hanna of Today I Ate a Rainbow telling us what Mom needs to know to make healthy foods fun for kids. Check out what you can make with fall pumpkins, make takeout more healthy at home and "What I have learned from cooking with kids" by trusted teacher/blogger Mardi Michels. Let us introduce you to ten fabulous food bloggers who eat in and eat out from across Canada. There are also three fun contests to enter, all just a click away, it's that easy!

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