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Aradia Fitness Oakville in the news - Jane the owner of Aradia Fitness was interviewed by By Racheal McCaig  Should you try pole dancing

Aradia Fitness offers a variety of classes, have a glance at the fabulous calendar - from Total Core Strenght, Pole Practice, Rock Bottom, Sexy Stretch and Intro Teasers.......here 

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How I got my Sexy Back through Pole Dancing for Fitness


Have you ever found yourself feeling stuck and lost your identity?  That is how I was feeling after my second child's third birthday.  I was 40 lbs heavier from my pre-children weight and feeling the pressure of life responsibilities-family and career.  I organized my children's lives, made sure the family had everything it needed and gave 100 percent to my employer. On the surface, I appeared to "have it all" but when I looked in the mirror and saw my reflection, staring back at me was a woman I no longer recognized.


"Oh there's my Sexy Side!"


My life changed when I walked into Aradia Fitness.  My friend challenged me to take an Intro/Teaser class-told me "There is no other workout like this."  Initially I was shy and reserved "Good mothers don't go pole dancing" I told myself. Well.. after my hour class, I had to be dragged away from the poles!  Immediately, I signed up for the 6 week Level One session.


The "Sexy Mummy" started to emerge. After I gave my boys their goodnight kiss, I grabbed my workout clothes and ran out the door, counting down the minutes until my "pole time".  It was an hour free of responsibilities and full of laughter, great music and bonding with other women.   I was a dancer when I was younger, and I felt my dance moves return.  My instructors encouraged me to move my hips, feel the music and forget the deadlines, assignments and projects-that all can wait, now it was "Me" time.


Classes were taught in such an attainable way--the moves, which at first I thought were difficult, I was able to learn due to the support and encouragement from my instructors.  I looked forward to the challenge and feeling of exhilaration when I achieved the moves.  

Soon, my body changed-- I was dropping dress sizes, gaining muscles and feeling strong, healthy and most importantly a sensuous woman.


Aradia Fitness Oakville


A wise person once said "When you do what you love, you never work a day in your life!"  Two years ago, I made the decision to bring this alternative form of women's fitness to my hometown of Oakville.  We have been well received in our Kerr Village location, our membership has grown steadily and a sisterhood has been created.


It has been an honour to come in contact with a community of women, from different walks and stages of life.  We have doctors, mothers, teachers, lawyers, married, students, single and separated/divorce--women of different shapes and sizes.  All the women of Aradia Fitness have the commonality-wanting to feel sexy and have fun with life.  I look forward to "rocking it out"-life is too short-just dance!



Jane Wilson

Aradia Fitness Oakville

393 Kerr Street