This was a fun blog to put together, as it was a hands on learning experience for myself. Bob Minhas from AlphaStarr Technical Solutions offered to teach me- yes me- on how to mount a flat screen TV in my bedroom. The TV has been placed on our dresser too long and I wanted to de-clutter my room. So the Friday before Father's Day, Bob visited the WonderMom house without my husband knowing...as this was a little Father's Day secret. 

I learned about stud finders (just love that term) buttler fly clips, lag blots, and all the TV hanging jargon. To much of my surprise, I knew what Bob was talking about... but honestly would never attempt to mount a TV by myself. We had fun, I learned a lot and was impressed with my power tools skills, yes I got to play with the power tools.


Thank you Bob and check out Alpha Starr Solutions, you may have seen him appear on HGTV's Income Property.  

Watch our Vlog on how to hang a TV