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WonderMoms.ca is an interactive site focusing on families,serving Burlington, Milton, Mississauga, Oakville the GTA and surrounding regions. Created to reach out to other Moms and families to offer support, it has become a community of encouragement, friendship and strength for parents and families. We also strive to make a difference in the community. A very important aspect of WonderMoms.ca is our investment in community support.

With a fabulous marriage that includes 4 amazing girls Tamara has found success with her online website WonderMoms an extraordinary parenting resource where all parents are made to feel welcomed. If you want to be "in the know" then WonderMoms is the place for you. Her bubbling personality and passion for life shines through her everyday work. As a social media enthusiast Tamara has created an online community that has brought her a ROI of tenfold! Parents feel warmed by her knowledge and expertise and are impressed with the talent she displays as she shares WonderMoms with the world.
A couple of video projects we have been involved in Opti-Mom interview here  



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