A Quest for Olivia


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My daughter, Chloe, is 12 and plays rep hockey. Chloe and her team had a pretty amazing year and we all became like family. In fact the girls listened to "We Are Family" in their dressing room before the games. It was our theme, we made shirts. When hockey season ended we heard some horrible news. The older sister of our goalie Julia was diagnosed with Hodgkin's Lymphoma - Stage 2. Olivia is 15 years old. She, along with her entire family, always has a smile and a love of life. Her Mother, Laurette is always ready with a hug and she's the first one to step up when someone needs help. They are simply great people. Olivia's cancer is curable and she will beat it. She is super strong and when she can't be, her family will be for her. But it still just sucks.

Chloe's whole team decided that we wanted to collect money and get something for Olivia. We raised a lot of money. Somehow I got it into my head that she needed a really cool tablet to keep her busy during Chemo. But we only had about half the money to cover that. We kicked around some ideas but I kept going back to the fact that Olivia needed a tablet. So I decided to reach out on Twitter. I got some help from WonderMoms.ca and we did some tweeting. This went on for a few days. Lots of retweeting by random people who wanted to help too. Then I decided to directly contact companies to see if I could get a coupon. Motorola was top on my list. A few emails later, with a brief summary of our story, and an amazing lady named Alanna from Motorola.ca asked me to call her. We talked about the situation. Alanna said that they were all so touched by the story, and Motorola wanted to give Olivia the Xoom tablet. I felt like this was too much, I mean we did have some money. But she insisted they wanted to help and really wanted to get this tablet to Olivia. I was so amazed and knew how much this would mean to the whole family to give Olivia something to do through Chemo and put a smile on her face. Words cannot express how much I love Motorola and what they did for someone they didn't even know. I sent an email out to our team and told them the news and of course they were shocked and amazed. We decided to use the money to give her a paid credit card so she could get what she needed.

Two days later, Olivia gets her tablet. I texted her Mom asking when would be a good time to drop off part 2 of the gift. She calls my phone immediately. They are so shocked and confused. I explain the story to them and have a nice talk with Olivia. Hearing her voice and the absolute surprise and happiness was really what the whole Quest was about. I told Laurette that their hockey family just wanted to put a smile on Olivia's face. Laurette said, "A smile!? Olivia had to lay down she was so stunned." She tells me Olivia has to go through 4 rounds of Chemo, each lasting 21 days. Each one is for 4 hours and it is so boring for Olivia. One day at Sick Kids, the kids were to write out their wishes to put on a wall there. Olivia made her wish. And guess what, we made it come true. The extraordinary thing is while we were trying to get Olivia a tablet, Olivia was at Sick Kids wishing for a tablet. Guess some things are meant to be. I guess you should always follow your Quest because you never know whose dreams you are going to make come true.

Thank you Oakville Hornets PeeWeeB Team for coming together like a family and teaching us to never give up.

Thank you Motorola.ca for your generous act of kindness and your amazing gift. Your tablet is the coolest and will provide fun when it should be hard to come by.

And thank you Olivia for being an inspiration and showing all of us that wishes do come true. Now take that Xoom tablet and kick some cancer bootie!!


Written by  WonderMom Jenn, you can find her  dabbling on Twitter and helping WonderMoms spread some good.